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Change Your Furnace Filter for Best Air Conditioner Operation This Summer

Want to stay cool this summer and avoid a costly air conditioner service call? Here’s a tip: change your furnace filter!

That’s right, changing your furnace filter has a HUGE impact on your air conditioner’s performance. You may not realize this, but the number one culprit for an air conditioning system that’s not keeping your house very cool is a dirty furnace filter.

Let’s break it down…

Your furnace’s blower is the workhorse for your entire home comfort system. It’s the fan that blows air throughout your house, whether that air is heated or cooled.

All air that goes through your furnace has to first pass through your furnace filter. If that filter is dirty, airflow is greatly reduced. That can cause lots of problems.

In addition to the obvious (less cooled air being delivered throughout your home), a dirty furnace filter can actually cause your air conditioner to stop completely for hours at a time. You see, when there’s not enough airflow over your indoor cooling coils (which sit down-stream from your furnace in your ductwork), then they can freeze. This will slow your cooling system to a crawl, because the air conditioner will automatically shut off to let those coils thaw out and prevent worse damage to your air conditioner, which means your system won’t be cooling your home anymore.

See the diagram below to understand how your cooling system is setup:

So take action now to avoid being hot an uncomfortable this summer, and replace your furnace filter today!

Of course, if you have an evaporative cooling system (or “swamp cooler”), then this doesn’t apply to you, as that system has its own blower and duct system, usually in your ceiling.

Bonus Tip: Schedule a tune-up and maintenance inspection

In addition to replacing your furnace filter for you, our trained HVAC professionals can inspect your coolant lines for leaks, replenish your supply of coolant if it is low, check all your electrical connections, and inspect your ductwork to see if it needs to be cleaned or repaired. After these tests are completed, we will turn the system on to make sure everything is top working order.

Schedule a service appointment!

When summer comes, your air conditioner is a vital asset in your fight to stay cool, calm and collected. But you should never take the health of your air conditioner for granted.

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