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Ductless Mini Split Maintenance in Denver, CO: Residential & Commercial Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioning Maintenance Services

Serving the greater Denver metro area since 1976, Controlling Systems, Inc. is proud to be able to provide residential ductless mini-split air conditioning services and commercial ductless mini-split air conditioning services for residential and commercial properties around the greater Denver area. If you just need a simple ductless mini-split maintenance task or a full ductless mini-split service, we at Controlling Systems, Inc. have you covered! Feel free to give us a call today, and we would be happy to install a brand-new ductless mini-split air conditioner in your residential or commercial property today!

Loyal Company Provides Locals with Mini-Split AC Maintenance

Along with working on commercial buildings, Controlling Systems, Inc. is proud to be able to help Colorado residents by working on their residential Denver properties for all their ductless mini-split service needs. Serving the greater Denver metro area since 1976, we are proud to be able to provide Residential properties with high-quality ductless mini-split services around Denver that will allow residents to be able to enjoy an air conditioning unit that can perform at peak performance on a consistent basis.

We Also Provide Commercial Ductless Mini-Split AC Services

Established in 1976 in Denver, Controlling Systems, Inc. will gladly be able to help you with any and all your mini-split maintenance needs. Whether it is cleaning out debris from the air conditioning unit, or something more serious, our team of experienced professionals will be able to satisfy all your ductless mini-split maintenance needs with ease. Call us today and all Controlling Systems, Inc. to provide top-of-the-line mini-split maintenance for you!

Looking for Extra Benefits and Perks? Join Our PCC Club!

With our Preferred Client Club (PCC), we continue to look out for our clients. With the PCC club, you will be able to enjoy a wide range of benefits and perks for all your AC repair needs. We created the PCC club by listening to our customers and considering their wishes going forward. With the Basic Service Plan, clients receive prescheduled annual maintenance, a menu that allows you to customize choices on services, no overtime charges, a 10 percent discount on parts and labor, and more!


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Founded in 1976, we are a leading choice in the Denver metro area for HVAC repair. We strive to help our customers to reduce their energy costs and usage while increasing the level of comfort in their home or business. Whether you are looking for furnace and AC repair or installation services, you can trust your system in the hands of our capable technicians.