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Electric & Gas Furnace Services in Denver, CO: Electric & Gas Furnace Repair, Replacement, Installation & Maintenance

Whether you need gas or electric furnace repair and replacement, we strive to be your source of furnace installation expertise in the Denver area. At Controlling Systems, Inc., we stay up to date on new developments in our industry, and we always pass that knowledge along to our valued clients. We don’t want anyone in Denver to be left out in the cold because of a broken furnace and strive to get you through the long winter warm and cozy. Installing a new furnace or repairing an existing one doesn’t have to be a headache – get in touch with our team today!

Denver’s Trusted Furnace Maintenance and Service

It’s critical that our Denver customers have a furnace maintenance and repair company they can trust in tight spots. We continually strive to provide relief from any furnace repair and offer replacement when needed within the Denver metro area. No matter if it’s a gas furnace or an electric one, we have the furnace maintenance skills and knowledge to get it up and running.

A Wide Range of Furnace Installation Services

When your furnace has, unfortunately, ran the course of its life, furnace replacement will be needed to keep you comfortable in Denver. For most residential properties, the most common variety is the gas furnace, which our team can expertly install in no time. At Controlling Systems, Inc., we make it a priority to ensure our customers are inconvenienced for as little time as possible. Seek out our qualified crew for assistance on any furnace installation and replacement needs within the Denver metro area both now and in the future.

Gas and Electric Furnace Repair and Installation in Denver

Gas furnace repair takes an experienced hand and should always be done by professionals whenever possible. Electric furnace repair also needs to be handled by trained hands, and all our Denver technicians at Controlling Systems, Inc. are at the top of their field. In addition, we care a great deal about efficiency, and we work hard to guarantee your new furnace isn’t wasting unnecessary gas or electricity.


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Founded in 1976, we are a leading choice in the Denver metro area for HVAC repair. We strive to help our customers to reduce their energy costs and usage while increasing the level of comfort in their home or business. Whether you are looking for furnace and ac repair or installation services, you can trust your system in the hands of our capable technicians.