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Residential Evaporative Cooler Services in Frederick, CO: Home Swamp Cooler Repair, Replacement, Installation & Maintenance

An evaporative cooler, commonly known as a swamp cooler, cools the surroundings by evaporating water. The target is to utilize the organic cooling properties of stage transition from liquid water into water vapor, which cools the air more efficiently than refrigeration. Evaporative cooling is one of the oldest methods for cooling homes, dating back to Ancient Egypt, where they would hang wet sheets over windows and let the breeze blow cool airflow inside. Today, technology and contemporary service methods make swamp cooler installation a viable option for cooling your Frederick house. Contact Controlling Systems, Inc. for one of Frederick’s most reliable home swamp cooler restoration, installation, and maintenance solutions.

Frederick’s Trusted Home Swamp Cooler Repair

We’ve gained the trust of Frederick homeowners through our unique approach to residential swamp cooler repair. We start by sending one of our qualified, experienced professionals to your house, where they diagnose all issues, giving you with a written quote for repair. We even provide a two-year warranty on all our swamp cooler repairs; this means we stand behind our work long after we’ve left your house. When you’re ready for a refreshing and stress-free swamp cooler repair experience in Frederick, reach out to Controlling Systems, Inc.

Residential Swamp Cooler Installation

Many Frederick property owners choose swamp cooler installation because home swamp coolers are particularly useful in warm and dry climates. They also use about 10 percent less energy than traditional refrigerant systems. Our specialists have offered swamp cooler installation for decades, so they can properly replace old units and change them with modern, technology-enabled models. Call today for a free estimate.

Prescheduled Swamp Cooler Maintenance in Frederick

After installation or swamp cooler replacement, we offer full-service swamp cooler maintenance to keep systems in Frederick in working order. Just like any other air conditioning program, swamp cooler maintenance may extend the duration of your unit for a decade or more, and through Controlling Systems, Inc’s Preferred Customer Club, we offer regular, professional grade swamp cooler maintenance options for every unit we install. If you want to avoid swamp cooler replacement, our maintenance may be the way to go.


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