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Once upon a time, people only had limited methods of heating or cooling their homes. With the growth of HVAC development in the last few years, however, there are now so many options it can even feel a little overwhelming. One of the best alternatives on the market is the highly flexible and innovative heat pump that can operate either as a heating system or a cooling system, depending on your unique needs. 

With the efficiency of a heat pump, you can enjoy a cozy atmosphere or a refreshingly cool environment no matter what season it is outside. Simply ask for our dependable heat pump services in Denver, and our team at Controlling Systems is ready to offer an experienced hand. 

Contact us now at (303) 963-9530 for more detailed information about heat pump installation in Denver and nearby cities.

Types of Heat Pumps We Install 

Even though all heat pumps work very well at efficiently transferring warm air to different parts of your house, you may be surprised to discover there is more than one type of heat pump available. 

Our experienced contractors can install all types of heat pumps, including:

  • Ground Source (Geothermal) Heat Pumps: These heat pumps extract and capture heat energy from the ground and bring it into the home to heat it. 
  • Water Source Heat Pumps: These heat pumps can only be used if you have a body of water near your home. They pump water from a nearby water source through the heat pump in order to extract heat from it.
  • Air-to-Air Heat Pumps: These heat pumps capture heat from the air outside and transfer it into the home to heat it. The reverse process is done to cool the home. 

Because heat pumps do not run-on traditional forms of fuel like oil or gas, they are much more efficient and environmentally healthy, regardless of which pump you choose. 

However, depending on the unique surroundings of your home, one alternative might be more adaptable to your personal circumstances than another type. Our knowledgeable technicians are more than happy to offer a tailored consultation to help you determine the best heat pump for your home. Schedule a heat pump installation in Denver today! 

What Are the Benefits of Heat Pump Installation in Denver?

Since heat pumps are still a relatively new innovation in the HVAC industry, not all residents in Denver are even aware that these superior systems exist. Even those who have heard of heat pumps may not be aware of just how effective and efficient they are at controlling the temperature in your home.

Some of the advantages you can benefit from a heat pump include:

  • The ability to use a single system for both heating and air conditioning
  • Greater monthly and annual savings on your energy bills
  • Less required maintenance
  • A better impact on the environment
  • Purer air quality on account of lack of complicated ductwork systems

Rely on Our Professionals to Get the Job Done Right

When it comes to choosing the right form of heat pump, it is always essential to talk to our dedicated technicians, so that you can be truly informed when selecting your system. 

Not only is it difficult to understand the distinctions between different brands but trying to determine whether an individual unit’s AFUE rating (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency), SEER ratio (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating), or HSPF ratio (Heating Seasonal Performance Ratio) is appropriate for your home is extremely challenging to do without professional experience. 

Let our experts at Controlling Systems break down all the technical language so that you can clearly understand which system is the most efficient and affordable for your home. 

Call us today at (303) 963-9530 or contact us online to take advantage of our complimentary estimates for Denver heat pump services.

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