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Air Conditioning Installation in Louisville, CO: Residential & Commercial Air Conditioner Replacement & Installation Services

Not having AC isn’t an option for Louisville residents. Due to the unpredictable weather in Louisville, fluctuating temperatures can not only make your building uncomfortable, but it will set you back serious cash trying to heat or cool a space without a proper AC unit. Controlling Systems, Inc. understands that air conditioning replacement and installation is a substantial undertaking, which is why we’ve optimized our home AC repair services over the years. We want to better serve the requirements of our customers and be one of Louisville’s most all-encompassing AC replacement and installation services, no matter make or model.

Residential and Commercial Air Conditioning Services

If the expenses of home AC repairs are going to equal about the same as a new unit, it may be time to consider complete AC installation. Controlling Systems, Inc. offers Louisville’s home and commercial customers a more complete, affordable, and efficient AC replacement and installation service because we package these solutions together for less headache and even more control over the entire AC replacement process. This means we’re the only crew you’ll have to call for the whole job. We’ve earned the trust of Louisville residents by being the most professional, efficient, and affordable solution for AC replacement services. Call today and experience the superior difference yourself!

Louisville’s Complete AC Installation Solution

We take a uniquely holistic approach to AC installation throughout the Louisville metro region for both residential and commercial AC. This implies from begin to finish, we will be the only HVAC business in Louisville you’ll need to call. We start off by inspecting the infrastructure of your property to properly size a fresh unit for your needs. Then, we completely remove the old unit and prepare your property for the addition of a new unit. Once the new system is installed, we’ll run you through how to properly operate it and provide basic maintenance and troubleshooting tips. Once we leave, you’ll have the knowledge and confidence that your new unit will keep you comfortable all year long.

Louisville’s Turnkey AC Replacement and Installation

We appreciate the large investment you make for new equipment and proper installation. No two installs will be the same, which is why we approach every work with a customized solution package. In addition to years of field knowledge, our technicians are required to attend frequent training by local manufacturers and distributors. This teaching translates to better AC installation assistance and optimized AC replacement services for more happy customers. As well as quality AC installation, cleanliness is a big part of the air conditioning replacement process, and we take it very seriously. Our techs use drop cloths, vacuums, brooms, and haul all trash away. Instilling these values allows us to exceed your expectations. Call today for a more exceptional AC replacement program in Louisville.


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Founded in 1976, we are a leading choice in the Louisville area for HVAC repair. We strive to help our customers to reduce their energy costs and usage while increasing the level of comfort in their home or business. Whether you are looking for furnace and AC repair or installation services, you can trust your system in the hands of our capable technicians.