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Evaporative Cooler Services in Louisville, CO: Swamp Cooler Repair, Replacement, Installation & Maintenance


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An evaporative cooler, more commonly called a swamp cooler, cools the air by evaporating water. This is different from traditional air conditioning systems, which depend on vapor compression or absorption refrigeration cycles. The goal is to utilize the natural cooling properties of phase transition from liquid water into water vapor, which cools the airflow using much less energy than refrigeration. In a dry climate like Louisville, swamp coolers possess the added benefit of doubling as a humidifier. Luckily, Controlling Systems, Inc. is your local expert for all swamp cooler services. When our NATE accredited swamp cooler technicians pull up in our company van, you understand you’re obtaining swamp cooler installation that has been honed over decades of serving the Louisville community.

Swamp Cooler Repair in Louisville

Swamp coolers are a great option for keeping your Louisville home cool and humid, without a lot of energy consumption. Controlling Systems, Inc. provides turnkey swamp cooler restoration for a wide selection of models throughout Louisville at competitive prices. We drain and clean the unit, inspect the pump, pads, reservoir, and filter, and identify any electrical elements that need repair. When we’re finished, we’ll give you a rundown about how to properly maintain your system for years to come. If you want swamp cooler professionals you can trust, go with one of Louisville’s most reliable services at Controlling Systems, Inc.

Controlling Systems, Inc. offers a free, no obligation, no pressure, in-home estimate whenever it is convenient for you.

Louisville’s Go-To Swamp Cooler Maintenance and Service

While swamp coolers may seem like straightforward machines, it’s best to leave the maintenance to the pros in order to ensure long term functionality. Controlling Systems, Inc. provides Louisville residents with complete regular swamp cooler maintenance, including a top to bottom physical and visual inspection of your current system. This allows us to identify all problems and give you a reasonable quote before you commit to any swamp cooler support. Since 1976, Louisville occupants have relied on us for our complete swamp cooler services at affordable rates.

Swamp Cooler Replacement and Installation

We often complete swamp cooler replacements when a customer has neglected to address routine maintenance for a while. Most of the problems from swamp coolers can be avoided with regular maintenance, but we understand things happen. That is why Controlling Systems, Inc. provides one of the most extensive swamp cooler installation and replacement solutions in Louisville. Get in touch with us today for an overall superior swamp cooler replacement and installation service.

Commercial and Residential Evaporative Cooler Service

Swamp coolers are an excellent, money saving choice for residential and commercial property owners seeking to reduce their energy usage by up to ten percent, or those who want a less involved way to cool their property. When you call Controlling Systems, Inc. for swamp cooler services, you’re choosing decades of optimized swamp cooler services. We know how to correctly switch out old, inefficient air conditioning units for swamp coolers through the entire area, so call today if you want help.


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