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Evaporative Cooler Installation in Louisville, CO: Residential & Commercial Swamp Cooler Replacement & Installation Services

Louisville residents know the challenges that come with unpredictable weather, especially in those hotter summer months. Fluctuating temperatures will not only make your property uncomfortable but can also run your energy bill. That’s why many of our Louisville customers choose evaporative cooler installation services. Evaporative coolers, or swamp coolers, are a common replacement for traditional refrigerant-based cooling systems because of their high energy efficiency. Controlling Systems, Inc. has been focused on becoming Louisville’s premier source for all swamp cooler installation and replacement services. Call today for a complete suite of our swamp cooler services or get yourself a free estimate.

Residential and Commercial Swamp Cooler Replacement

Our swamp cooler solutions include draining and washing the machine, inspecting the pump, pads, reservoir, and filter, and identifying any electrical components that need repairs. When we’re done, we provide you with a rundown on how to properly sustain your system during regular use. If we still can’t get your swamp cooler working, we’ll walk you through the steps for full swamp cooler replacement. We’ve worked on residential and commercial properties throughout Louisville for many years, so we’re confident we’ll be the only team you need for swamp cooler replacement assistance.

Evaporative Cooler Installations in Louisville

Controlling Systems, Inc. provides one of the most extensive evaporative installation services in Louisville. Most of these jobs come from swamp coolers that haven’t been frequently maintained, or when clients want a more cost-efficient method to cool an area. Through decades of hands-on experience with hundreds of evaporative installations, we’ve optimized our installation process by paying attention to the needs of our customers and applying industry leading advancements. Call today when you want stress-free evaporative cooler installation services.

Louisville’s Favorite Swamp Cooler Installation

We understand the substantial expense you make when you start a swamp cooler installation job. In addition to years of practical experience, our specialists undergo frequent teaching from local manufacturers and distributors, so we stick to the latest applications, systems, and installation techniques. Part of our swamp cooler installation is cleanliness. Leaving a mess on your property is not acceptable. We instill these ideals into each one of our employees for better solutions and incremental improvement. Our holistic swamp cooler installations have earned us a spot as one of Louisville’s most trusted swamp cooler technicians.


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