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Residential Furnace Services in Louisville, CO: Home Electric & Gas Furnace Repair, Replacement, Installation & Maintenance

At Controlling Systems, Inc. in Louisville, we've been there for homeowners with home furnace restoration since 1976. Whether your furnace needs a small tune up or a full on repair, our experts are ready and waiting to assist you in keeping your home nice and warm during those brutally cold winter nights. A new furnace can be a significant investment, so it’s important that you always hire a reputable company with an extended history of excellence. If you need furnace repair or furnace replacement, we can get everything set up and working properly.

Residential Furnace Maintenance and Restoration in Louisville

When the furnace at your Louisville area home beings to give you trouble, call Controlling Systems, Inc. as soon as possible. Our talented specialists will show up in a hurry and run a complete diagnostic check on your system before offering furnace repair options, hopefully saving you the cost of a completely new furnace. We will take care of your furnace for you regularly so you can return to enjoying the warmth of your Louisville home sooner rather than later.

Residential Furnace Repair for Louisville Homes

Residential furnace repair can be easier than you think if you hire the right furnace maintenance business in Louisville. Sometimes furnace restoration at your Louisville real estate might not be an option, but don’t stress; we are able to help with home furnace repair. When we are your furnace replacement providers, we also dispose of your busted furnace for your convenience. Make sure you get the complete services you deserve and contact Controlling Systems, Inc.

Gas Furnace Repair and Electric Furnace Repair in Louisville

At Controlling Systems, Inc. in Louisville, we are well versed in both electric furnace repair and gas furnace repair. In addition to years of field experience, our technicians are required to attend frequent training by the manufacturers, utilities, and local distributors to ensure our expertise is current. We stay updated on the latest gas and electric powered furnace repair techniques, and we continuously pass that on to valued Louisville homeowners. With an increase of than four years of combined knowledge in the furnace installation industry, you can bet we will meet all your electric and gas furnace repair needs! You’ll love our furnace installation.


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Founded in 1976, we are a leading choice in the Louisville area for HVAC repair. We strive to help our customers to reduce their energy costs and usage while increasing the level of comfort in their home or business. Whether you are looking for furnace and AC repair or installation services, you can trust your system in the hands of our capable technicians.