Surge Panel Protection

Safeguard Your Electronics from Surges with Surge Protection Panels from Controlling Systems

Every electrical device in your home or business, from your computers and entertainment systems to refrigerators and HVAC equipment, is vulnerable to damaging power surges. These unexpected voltage spikes can occur due to a variety of factors, including lightning strikes, power grid malfunctions, or even internal switching within your building’s electrical system. While surge protectors plugged into individual outlets can provide some level of protection, a whole-home or whole-building surge protection panel offers a more comprehensive defense against damaging voltage fluctuations.

Surge Protection Panels Denver, CO
Surge Protection Panel Denver CO

Protect Your Valuable Electronics with a Surge Protection Panel

A surge protection panel acts as a first line of defense against damaging electrical surges. Installed at your electrical service entrance, the surge protector diverts transient voltage spikes away from your sensitive electronic equipment, grounding the surge and safeguarding your devices. While a backup generator provides essential power during an outage, a surge protection panel helps prevent damage to your electronics during everyday operation.

Benefits of Surge Protection Panels with Innovative Surge Protective Technology from Controlling Systems

  • Safeguard Valuable Electronics: Protect your computers, home entertainment systems, appliances, and other electronic devices from potential damage caused by power surges.
  • Enhanced Equipment Lifespan: By preventing surges from damaging electrical components, a surge protection panel can help extend the lifespan of your valuable electronics.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing your electronics are protected from unexpected voltage spikes can provide peace of mind for homeowners and business owners alike.
  • Complements Backup Power Solutions: While a surge protection panel safeguards your equipment from surges, a backup generator from Controlling Systems can ensure uninterrupted operation during a power outage. Together, these solutions provide a comprehensive strategy for protecting your electrical devices.

Signs You May Need a Surge Protection Panel

  • Frequent Voltage Fluctuations: Do you notice your lights dimming or flickering occasionally? This could be a sign of voltage fluctuations that a surge protection panel can help address.
  • Valuable Electronics: If you rely on expensive electronic equipment for your home or business, a surge protection panel is a wise investment to safeguard your devices.
  • History of Power Surges: Has your property ever been affected by lightning strikes or other power surge events? A surge protection panel can help prevent future damage.

Surge Protection Panels for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Applications

Controlling Systems offers a comprehensive selection of surge protection panels to meet the needs of residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Our surge protective devices (SPDs) utilize innovative technology to provide 4-mode protection against power surges coming from all electrical conductors, including power lines, neutral lines, grounding conductors, and even cable lines entering your structure. This multi-directional approach safeguards your equipment from a wider range of surge threats compared to traditional surge protectors.

Surge Protection Panel Denver CO

Why Choose Controlling Systems for Your Surge Protection Needs?

  • Licensed Electricians: Our surge protection services are performed by licensed electricians who are qualified to safely install surge protective devices in accordance with all applicable safety standards.
  • Whole-Home and Whole-Building Surge Protection: We offer a variety of surge protection panel options to suit the size and electrical complexity of your home or business. This includes whole-home surge protectors for residential applications and industrial-grade surge protection for facilities with extensive electrical equipment.
  • Facility Protection Expertise: For commercial and industrial applications, our team can design a surge protection system tailored to your specific facility protection needs. This may involve considerations for expensive appliances like air conditioners and industrial equipment sensitive to power fluctuations.
  • Fast Response Time: Our surge protective devices feature a fast response time to ensure they can effectively divert damaging surges before they reach your electronic equipment.
  • Variety of Panel Options: Controlling Systems offers a variety of surge protection panel options to meet your aesthetic and installation needs. This may include pole options for outdoor installations or configurations designed to be mounted within your electrical panel.

Don't Wait for a Surge to Cause Building Disruption

Don’t wait for a power surge to damage your expensive electronics or disrupt your business operations. Contact Controlling Systems today for a free consultation and discuss your surge protection needs. Our experts can recommend the right surge protection panel for your home or business, ensuring your valuable equipment is safeguarded against damaging voltage fluctuations. We offer a variety of surge protection products including models with a 5-15P plug for easy installation in specific applications. Let Controlling Systems provide peace of mind knowing your electronics are protected with innovative surge protective technology.

Surge Protection Panel Denver CO