“An HVAC company that does what they promise, in a reasonable time, for market-reasonable cost? With pleasant humans throughout the process?? Unheard of. Until I hired Controlling Systems to replace my 14-year buggy radiant home heating and on-demand hot water system. Seven of the contractors who looked at my mess earned a spot on the spreadsheet comparing contenders. Some said stupid salesy-desperate things like, “ours is the only high-efficiency unit on the market,” and, “only ours is the top model.” Ich. Bailey’s deep knowledge and clear, straightforward communication earned my trust, and then he followed through! Over the years I’ve paid a LOT of HVAC guys to not fix the prior system, or clearly recommend actual replacement options, featuring the outcomes I could expect, especially concerning heating the cold spots in the house. What a breath of fresh (warm!) air: with Gus’ smiling assistance, Bailey expertly installed a new unit, which runs economically, quietly, and I can trust, reliably for many years to come. 10 stars!”